The Sentimental Agent Episode 5: May the Saints Preserve Us

An interesting opportunity for Carlos arrives from Texas which involves an Irish castle and moonshine.  However the Irish myths and custom agents make this a more challenging proposition. Personal Synopsis Who would of thought of moving a castle across an ocean? Of course Carlos is the right import and export agent to make it happen.Continue reading “The Sentimental Agent Episode 5: May the Saints Preserve Us”

The Sentimental Agent Episode 4: Never Play Cards with Strangers

A client has come to Carlos for help. On an ocean cruise, her parents lost all their money on a series of cards games. This is not so strange except that it is suspected that card cheats are on the cruise ship. So Carlos decides to take the cruise with his client and win backContinue reading “The Sentimental Agent Episode 4: Never Play Cards with Strangers”

The Sentimental Agent Episode 3: Express Delivery

Travelling through Poland, Carlos is harassed by the authorities far too often. Whilst being troubled he meets with Katrina whom is trying to escape the regime by heading to Vienna. After getting himself in trouble he begins to suspect that things are not what they seem with Katrina or with his own safety.  He decidesContinue reading “The Sentimental Agent Episode 3: Express Delivery”

The Sentimental Agent Episode 2: The Beneficiary

Carlos gets a call from an old friend named Farrell, when the phone line goes dead he suspects foul play. Upon his arrival he is faced with a reminder of his past and a future under suspicion by greedy unsavories. Carlos is believed to possess a missing key to a safe deposit box owned byContinue reading “The Sentimental Agent Episode 2: The Beneficiary”

The Sentimental Agent Episode 1: All That Jazz

A jazz group the Arthur Rogers Modern Jazz Quintet are having their London debut. They are frustrated that the compositions they play are organised already for them for their shows. The mysterious band manager provides the compositions and often with very little time beforehand. Carlos Varela stumbles across the hidden reason for these songs beingContinue reading “The Sentimental Agent Episode 1: All That Jazz”