Department S Episode 6: The Man in the Elegant Room

A man is found in an elegant room, barred from the world and with blood on his hands.The police are baffled and Department S is brought in to figure out why a mock up room is found in a suburban warehouse. The young man found inside is incoherent but must know why this setup was made. Jason is convinced their is a connection with the painting on the wall and points to the clue that is staring them in the face. Annabelle finds the subject of the painting after letting Jason loose from his binds. The fake room was not for show but something *sniff* a bit more sinister. Annabelle follows her nose and finds a gun pointed at her. There’s a flight to catch so Department S must hurry to send the crook(s) to an inelegant room, a prison cell.

Personal Synopsis

This episode starts out with very dark undertones. You somehow know theres more involved than just the pool of blood and the blabbering crazed man in the elegant room. There also is no mystery as to who is the villain in this episode, in fact its almost as if the director purposely allowed a full glimpse into the story unfolding. I do find that this is a new twist to a somehow similar story line that many other crime fiction television shows have used, this is different however. Thoroughly enjoyed and a gem amongst the series.


Islington, London, England


Original Air-Date: April 13, 1969

Directed by Cyril Frankel

Written by Terry Nation

Jason King- Peter Wyngarde

Stewart Sullivan- Joel Fabiani

Annabelle Hurst- Rosemary Nicols

Curtis Seretse- Dennis Alaba Peters

Paul Trenton- Stratford Johns

Selina Trenton- Toby Robins

Doug Martin- John Hallam

Trish- Juliet Harmer

Danny Terrill- Clive Colin Bowler

Burton- Michael Robbins

Police Inspector- Frank Gatliff

Steven Radlett- Peter Reynolds

Harry Finch- Martin Boddey

Professor Bryant- Anne Blake

Secretary to Seretse- Peter Brett

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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Danger Man Episode 1: View from the Villa

On holidays in Rome, John Drake is summoned to investigate a murder but not just any murder, a murder of a big Bank Manager who is suspected to have stolen 5 million dollars. The bank manager’s wife could not show an emotion over the news of her husbands murder and drake was on the trail of the bullion. Clothing left at the scene of the crime leads drake to a Parisian shop and a mysterious blonde lady or maybe brunette. The picture was clear, drake knew where to go but how would he identify who killed the banker?

Personal Synopsis

This is the first episode for the Danger Man series and it is quite a foundation for how the show would eventually be known for. Money has been stolen, someone is killed , theres a woman in there somewhere and there will be an awesome punch-on with overly acted blows. This is a fun episode but it could have been a bigger story.


Directed by Terry Bishop

Written by Brian Clemens and Ralph Smart

John Drake-Patrick McGoohan

Gina Scarlotti-Barbara Shelley

Stella Delroy-Delphi Lawrence

Mayne-John Lee

Mego-Colin Douglas

Delroy-Philip Latham

Finch-Court Benson

Waiter-Andreas Melandrinos

Café Artist-Charles Houston

Marine Officer-Raymond Young

Housekeeper-Marie Burke

Department S Episode 5: One of Our Aircraft Is Empty

London Airport is shocked by the arrival of an empty 747. No sign of the passengers but there luggage was still on the plane. Stewart is assigned to not only find out what happened but to get Jason involved with the investigation, that’s if he can take Jason away from his books. Annabelle is feverishly attending to the computer, inputting data in order to get some sort of calculated answer for the disappearance of all those passengers.  The passenger list produces a very sensitive name, or rather his incognito name, that Department has been instructed to proceed with caution due to the company he runs.  In sight of the warnings, Jason goes about the investigation the only way he can, through the women. The pilot is found which proves that this disappearance was not desired at least by the crew.  Mr Voss at Voss Industries is not in his office and his Personal Assistant doesn’t wish to cooperate with the investigation.  Stewart curiosity allows him an up close and personal perspective with the empty plane. And Annabelle is soon to follow.  A death could have ruined everything, especially if losing all that money. But even with the scheme to get all that money you’re still left with an empty feeling.

Personal Synopsis

When I first watched this episode, I thought it was fairly familiar. I think this familiarity was due to the first episode of the series being about a plane and its disappearance. Having one of my favourite Englishman actors, Basil Dignam, this is very much on the top of the list of great episodes of Department S.  I also like the character Jason King is, obvious Stewart and Annebelle work tirelessly for Department S all while Jason sits back enjoys his wine, his beautiful company  and dictates the latest Mark Caine novel. Personally I can see the appeal to that position. This storyline is well thought out and has a new idea worked into it that most cult tv watchers would love.


London Airport


Original Air-Date: April 6, 1969

Directed by Paul Dickson

Written by Tony Williamson

Jason King- Peter Wyngarde

Stewart Sullivan- Joel Fabiani

Annabelle Hurst- Rosemary Nicols

Curtis Seretse- Dennis Alaba Peters

Terrell-Anton Rodgers

Howard Finch-Basil Dignam

Julia Howarth-Gillian Lewis

Jane Kilverton-Angela Lovell

George Grant-John Gabriel

Miss Simms-Edina Ronay

Chalmers-Robert Russell

Jean-Janet Key

Waiter-Andre Charise

Mechanic-Alan Hockey

1st Maintenance Man-Roger Avon

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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Department S Episode 4: The Pied Piper of Hambledown

Tomorrow is a big day quarter-finals for Miss Europe. You believe you dreamt the town has been evacuated and when you wake up all the townspeople have gone but to where.  The newspapers proclaim the strange disappearance of a whole town and Department S is put on the job. A young lady and an eccentric colonel are the only ones left in the village. Jason and Stewart have their suspicions and try to setup a trap for those responsible for the disappearance but things don’t work out in uniform order. Stewart finds himself with the barrel of a gun pointing at him and surrounded by a laboratory, Jason and Annebelle must sneak in unnoticed to help Stewart.  Chemically speaking, there must be a particular formula in order to get world domination or the dreams of power will be washed away.

Personal Synopsis

There is a slight air of voyeurism in the beginning of this episode and this is certainly not said as a bad thing. This particular episode is very Avengers-esque but does its best to not confuse the viewer and manipulate the storyline unlike the Avengers series. I enjoy the English country town setting almost entirely because you know somewhere there will some fulfilment of eccentricity in the story. I love the fight scene with Joel Fabiani and the chauffer, quite humorous. Hollywood punch styling at its finest.


Hambledown, Hampshire, England


Original Air-Date: March 30, 1969

Directed By Roy Ward Baker

Written By Donald James

Jason King- Peter Wyngarde

Stewart Sullivan- Joel Fabiani

Annabelle Hurst- Rosemary Nicols

Curtis Seretse- Dennis Alaba Peters

Colonel Loring-Richard Vernon

Susan Lewis-Gina Warwick

Doctor Brogan-Jeremy Young

Harry Lewis-Peter Lawrence

Yates- Stanley Beard

Young Doctor- John Kelland

Typist-Susan Broderick

Farmer-Raymond Armstrong

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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Department S Episode 3: A Cellar Full of Silence

Dead in a cellar are a pack of costumed specialists. Sullivan knows one of the men who was killed and he knows exactly who to talk to about it. A local neo-Nazi crime racketeer knows a bit more about the robbery, committed by the men, than he’s telling. Another dead body is found but in a car, pushed into the lake.  A Young Lady is starting to remember more about the robbery too, but that it happened in her own house. Or is it a delusion?  Jason and Stewart secretly investigate the neo-Nazi’s office but were too late and they nearly paid for it. Annabelle finds footage that would explain why the men were in costume but not the real reason. A meeting setup to close in the investigation blows up in Jason’s face.  Annabelle, checking into the identity of the man found in the lake, is given a note passed to her by the young lady who knows there was a robbery at her house.  The Nazi baton that was so prized by a few people is the clue to the whole investigation but the clue was dangling by a wire.

Personal Synopsis

This particular episode shows an example of creating a story with a crazed direction. I recall this episode fondly with its nazi crime lord, costumed robbers and mafia story lines. Its quite odd. However, Terry Nation did a superb job bringing it all together. I think the most memorable part is the outfit Jason is wearing when he attempts to make his contact.


London, England


Original Air-Date: March 23, 1969

Directed By: John Gilling

Written by: Terry Nation

Jason King-Peter Wyngarde

Stewart Sullivan-Joel Fabiani

Annabelle Hurst-Rosemary Nicols

Sir Curtis Seretse-Dennis Alaba Peters

Martin Kyle-Paul Whitsun-Jones

Libby Spear-Denise Buckley

Walter Pally-Robin Hawdon

Tronson-Brandon Brady

Vic Kent-Edward Brayshaw

Doctor Davis-Brian Oulton

Norman Fowler-Frank Forsyth

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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