The Zoo Gang Season 1 Episode 3: African Misfire

An art collection of an exiled African General is stolen which was to be used for a charity auction. The Zoo Gang have connections that could help the General find the thieves. ¬†Narrowing down their search, the gang finds a twist to these robberies that spark their curiosity. The General still needs the auction toContinue reading “The Zoo Gang Season 1 Episode 3: African Misfire”

The Protectors Season 2 Episode 3: Fighting Fund

A heist of some very famous art pieces has taken place in Venice. A video of the terrorist group are holding these treasures for ransom to fund their terrorist activities. Harry Rule is adamant that this group must be stopped even if that means the loss of these famous art pieces. ¬†The video plays asContinue reading “The Protectors Season 2 Episode 3: Fighting Fund”

The Baron Episode 23: The Edge of Fear

During an Air France flight, a man is found very sick and the doctor warns about the possibility of his illness being a case of typhoid. This was only a rouse and the doctor and ambulance driver are found dead after getting off the plane. After some suspicious activity at the antique shop, the effortContinue reading “The Baron Episode 23: The Edge of Fear”