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The Adventurer Season 1 Episode 1: Miss Me Once, Miss Me Twice and Miss Me Once Again

A plan to assassinate Secretary Horvic has been discovered. His assassination would disrupt the alliances connected with his country and cause a revolt within the country. Gene Bradley is on the case, bringing his crew to thwart this attempt on the secretary’s life.  A bomb goes off, destroying the hotel room of the secretary but the danger is still present. It will take some ingenuity to stop the assassin’s persistence but also bring to the forefront the person responsible for the plot.

Personal Synopsis

This is the beginning episode for the Adventurer TV Series. There are no written introductions to the characters so we are placed within the storyline in a ever continuing saga. Gene Bradley is a movie star with a side job as an international agent. His contact Mr. Parminter played by Barry Morse, is the man in the office sending Gene out to save the day. Gene is joined by a cast of other agents that play small roles in these episodes, doing the hard work all while Gene laps up his celebrity. Episode 1, starts off with an assassination attempt, certainly not original but all the more entertaining due to the cast of Bernard Kay and Alex Scott. The episode’s writing wanes from clarity but I enjoyed watching the story unfold particularly the effort interject the claim of a double cross with the assassin.

Original Air-Date: 29 September 1972

Directed by Cyril Frankel

Written by Martin Roth

Gene Bradley- Gene Barry

Mr. Parminter- Barry Morse

Diane Marsh- Catherine Schell

Manservant- Keith Ashley

Vladimir Horvic- John Barrie

Wayne- Ed Bishop

Hotel Clerk- Ray Chiarella

Aide- Paul Greaves

Zentner- Bernard Kay

Woman Delegate- Elaine Montgomerie

Man in Corridor- Stuart Nichol

Gregory Varna- Alex Scott

Lady Hargrom- Margaretta Scott

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The Protectors Season 2 Episode 25: The Insider

The Protectors_The Insider Title Shot

A film room has been vandalised and piles of film were set alight. The master negative of a 5 million dollar film is missing and all the other copies were burnt in the fire. The blackmailer brings in a canister of one part of the film’s negative and sets his terms for the release of the remaining negatives. Harry tries to follow this blackmailer as he leaves the office but the crook goes missing. He always goes missing. His hiding spot must be in the building and it must be found before more film burns.

Personal Synopsis

Blackmail from within is always a tantalising story and this episode provides an adventure that follows Harry in sorting out the case of the missing film negative. A young man who seeks his gain through such means must be considered a threat in the eyes of the movie company. This is as good as the last three episodes that are finishing off the second season well.


Original Air-Date: 8 March 1974

Directed by Don Leaver

Written by Trevor Preston

Harry Rule- Robert Vaughn

Contessa Caroline di Contini- Nyree Dawn Porter

Paul Buchet- Tony Anholt

Smith- Stuart Wilson

Editor- Tim Pearce

Chambers- Donald Hewlett

Secretary- Alison Griffin

Chauffeur- Alf Costa

Taxi Driver- Alf Joint

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The Protectors Season 1 Episode 19: Talkdown

Talkdown Title Shot

Foster was threatening Harry with a long jail term for killing him and another man named Farr, in some sort of blackmail scheme. The police are hounding Harry because the evidence points to his guilt but he knows he is being framed. Further evidence found through Harry’s house and clothes paint him as a criminal. After being called to the airport by Foster, Harry is knock out unconscious and wakes up on an airplane. Harry is left stranded in an airplane about 4000 feet in the air after Foster jumps out of the plane, as the last stage in the elaborate plan of revenge by Foster. Harry is walked through the landing of the plane which he does but right into the hands of the police.

Personal Synopsis

A wonderful story of blackmail and revenge. I was actually surprised by the depth of writing in this episode. The episode is well acted by the team of the Protectors and Derren Nesbitt.  I found the story lacking of credibility especially the skill behind the blackmail but an original complex story of blackmail. Loved it.


Original Air-Date: 9 February 1973

Directed by Jeremy Summers

Written by Jesse Lasky Jr

Harry Rule- Robert Vaughn

Contessa Caroline di Contini- Nyree Dawn Porter

Paul Buchet- Tony Anholt

Suki- Yasuko Nagazumi

Chino- Anthony Chinn

Colin Foster- Derren Nesbitt

Air Traffic Controller- John Joyce

Inspector Hill- John Nettleton

Rifle Range Supervisor- William Moore

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