The Protectors Season 2 Episode 24: Wheels

An elaborate scheme is being prepared. The Protectors have entered into a race to help their investigation. A Swiss bank is asking the Protectors to help find some missing papers but the copies not the originals. The task requires some papers to be taken, photo’d and given back before anyone knows about it. The raceContinue reading “The Protectors Season 2 Episode 24: Wheels”

The Protectors Season 1 Episode 9: Thinkback

The last thing anyone knows is there was a car crash and then a hospital bed. Harry wakes up wrapped in plaster and strapped to a hospital bed in a daze. He knows he was in the car with Contessa but the doctor and nurse state that he wasn’t. Harry notices a few things thatContinue reading “The Protectors Season 1 Episode 9: Thinkback”