Department S Episode 23: Spencer Bodily is Sixty Years Old

A strange medical impossibility, a man who looks like he is in his 20s was actually born in 1909. There is conclusive evidence that the dead man is over 60 years old and was a POW in World War II. The only clue as to who or why this person existed is two red diceContinue reading “Department S Episode 23: Spencer Bodily is Sixty Years Old”

Department S Episode 22: The Bones of Byrom Blain

A chauffeur has failed his job by allowing the disappearance of his passenger and whats left is a pile of bones. A VIP from the diplomatic political world has gone missing, but it appears that he is dead and the bones are proof of that. A baffling case initially, however when Sir Curtis also goes missing, DepartmentContinue reading “Department S Episode 22: The Bones of Byrom Blain”

Department S Episode 21: A Small War of Nerves

A rogue chemical warfare scientist has walked off the job with enough nerve gas to kill over 1 million people. This is a risk for the people of London as well as the possibility of the Russians getting their hands on the nerve gas. Halliday has been missing for over a week and Department SContinue reading “Department S Episode 21: A Small War of Nerves”

Department S Episode 20: The Last Train to Redbridge

The Last Train to Redbridge and  the last car on the train have reached the end of the line. All are dead in the carriage but not from wounds. The suspicious deaths are on the top of the list of cases for Department S. The foul play was airborne and in the form of aContinue reading “Department S Episode 20: The Last Train to Redbridge”

Department S Episode 19: Death on Reflection

On the auction block is a mirror with many potential buyers, the unique thing about the auction is that the mirror sales for a higher than expected price and a buyers battle ensued to obtain the “prized” mirror. When the man who won the auction is found dead Department S is called in to sortContinue reading “Department S Episode 19: Death on Reflection”