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The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 2 Episode 23: Flight from France

Robin Hood and Friar Tuck are in France on a secret mission. A local wine merchant is suspected to be in cahoots with Prince John. With the help of french locals, Robin and Friar Tuck must stop any messages being sent to the french allies of Prince John.

Personal Synopsis

Outside of Nottingham green, this episode is set in France as the breadth of Prince Johns power extends to other parts of the world. Robin Hood and Friar Tuck will step into a new world that involves other folks who fight against the powerful class.

Original Air-Date: March 4th 1957

Directed by Terry Bishop

Written by Milton Schlesinger

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Friar Tuck- Alexander Gauge

Michele- Ingeborg von Kusserow

Duc de Mirancy- Alec Mango

Emile- Michael Barrington

Duc de Guise- Paul Eddington

Old Duke- Roy Russell

Fat Duke- Bryan Coleman

Sir Roderick Gascon- Alan Edwards

Servant- Edmond Warwick


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The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 2 Episode 8: Isabella

A cryptic message is delivered to Robin Hood, telling him to head to the Tower of London and potentially mortal danger. The Queen has summoned Robin to step in front of a pending marriage between Prince John and the french princess Isabella. Prince John is seeking to secure even more power and with this marriage would remove King Arthur from the throne. As Robin interferes, it is quickly realized that Isabella is not helpful nor ignorant to the happenings of the court.

Personal Synopsis

A power grab by marriage is par for course throughout history and this episode show the length Prince John would take to getting full control. His plans if panned out right would solidify his realm but he has not taken into account his choice in Isabella as his wife. This episode has the fantastic Donald Pleasance as Prince John and a rare visit to London for our protagonist.

Original Air-Date: November 19th 1956

Directed by Lindsay Anderson

Written by Neil R. Collins

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Little John- Archie Duncan

Maid Marian- Bernadette O’Farrell

Isabella- Zena Walker

Princess Avice- Helen Cherry

Prince John- Donald Pleasence

Pembroke- Alan Edwards

Sir Damon- Martin Lane

Landlord- Howard Lang

Page- Shaun O’Riordan

Tavern Keeper- Peter Bennett

Old Woman- Noel Hood

Chambermaid- Lynette Mills

Will- Brandon Brady

Maid-in-waiting- Isobel Greig

Jailer- Victor Woolf

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The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1 Episode 9: Checkmate

A young man is taken by soldiers to become a soldier himself for Count de Waldern. His grandmother beseeches Maid Marian to help her get back her grandson. Maid Marian visit the Count to plead for the return of this young man, but the Count would only oblige if she would agree to having a dinner with him. Count de Waldern has been taken young men around the area for some time now so there must be a reason. If these young men are to be soldier then they must need armour, so off to the armoury Robin goes. The Armoury is working full tilt for the Count de Waldern for his domestic soldiers but for what purpose. Is it for the crusades or a revolt?

Personal Synopsis

Checkmate is an episode where we see internal strife building within England. Maid Marian is sent to the Count to help a villager of her township. The Count is a smooth cat using the boy as ransom for the attendance of Maid Marian to dinner. This crafty ploy to get a beautiful woman to come to dinner works but not after Maid Marian devises her own plan against the Count. Paired with the Outlaws, they play a chess game against a man looking for a damsels hand and the armouries weapons and shields. His aspirations will have to wait as the Outlaws squash his plans.

Original Air-Date:  21 November 1955

Directed by Ralph Smart

Written by Anne Rodney

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Sheriff of Nottingham- Alan Wheatley

Cedric/ Outlaw/Soldier- Victor Woolf

Little John- Archie Duncan

Count de Waldern- Leslie Phillips

Friar Tuck- Alexander Gauge

Maid Marian- Bernadette O’Farrell

Armourer- Alastair Hunter

Jean-Pierre, The Major Domo- Willoughby Gray

Nanny/Granny- Marie Burke

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