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The Baron Episode 25: So Dark the Night

February 27, 2012


It was a dark and stormy night when lightning strikes and the lights flicker, a young woman is scared and seeks out her father Carl Grant, only to find him lying on the ground in grave condition with his last words being “The Warrior”. Mannering was in fact on his way with Cordelia to make […]

The Baron Episode 21: The Seven Eyes of Night

January 30, 2012


Mannering has been fooled by anĀ impostor selling the Seven Eyes of Night and is out $300,000. The thieves are smart enough to fool John but may not be smart enough to keep out of trouble. The safe was opened without force and this is a clue to indicate that someone knew the combination, likely an […]

The Baron Episode 14: There’s Someone Close Behind You

December 19, 2011


Its another dark and foggy london night when some plans to “knock off” the Lynsted collection are overheard. Mannering is told of these plans and takes steps to stop this pending robbery. After waiting for some time both Mannering and the Police believe that the tip off may have been found out so the crooks […]

The Baron Episode 2: Epitaph for a Hero

September 12, 2011


One of Mannering’s old army buddies has died, in fact Mannering has him to thank for saving his life. However a mysterious meeting proves the death of his friend was just a ploy to get Mannering to join a heist. Mannering is compelled by Templeton-Green to join as an undercover agent to sabotage the heist […]

Department S Episode 26: The Soup of the Day

August 15, 2011


A warehouse has beenĀ burgled and the only thing stolen was a carte of fish soup. Following up the reasons to why this would happen brings to light a few suspicious characters. And all the while Jasons publisher is pushing to get the next Mark Cain novel out on the market. When the stolen soup cans […]