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The Baron Episode 25: So Dark the Night

So Dark the Night Title Shot

It was a dark and stormy night when lightning strikes and the lights flicker, a young woman is scared and seeks out her father Carl Grant, only to find him lying on the ground in grave condition with his last words being “The Warrior”. Mannering was in fact on his way with Cordelia to make a valuation on the Grants antiques. The dead mans daughter, Joyce, is now being terrorised by her thoughts or maybe a real danger. John sees her in a frightened state and seeks to find why she is being terrorised and why the suspicious activity around and in the house. There is obviously something in the house that someone wants and that someone needed to scare her out of the house. Mannering believes he has seen Grant’s face before and set off for London to investigate further. Cordelia and Joyce find one of the local townspeople shot, the town doctor believes it was an accident but Cordelia is not sold on the accident theory. There was a bullion heist years ago, Mannering found, that Grant and an accomplice, Frank Ashton, stole a million dollars in bullion but were capture and tried yet the bullion was never found. The accomplice was recently released from prison and likely went to collect his share of the bullion. Time is running out since daughter is planning on leaving the house the next day taking either the bullion or a clue of its location so the crooks will need to act and so would Mannering.  The quest for the clue has brought real danger to the daughter and even to Ashton.

Personal Synopsis

Stolen bullion and the revenge of an accomplice. This premise is intriguing enough to at least give this episode a watch. I found myself drifting while watching this show but ultimately I came back enjoying the overall story. The episode actually doesn’t have much on air time for Mannering, most of the story is either with Sue Lloyd or with the sinister characters of the show, this does not cheapen the episode but Steve Forrest was almost given a break for this filming.


Mevagissey, Cornwall, England, UK


Original Air-date: 15 March 1967

Directed by Robert Tronson

Written by Terry Nation

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Cordelia Winfield- Sue Lloyd

Frank Ashton- George Baker

Dr. Richard Thornton- John Franklyn-Robbins

Joyce Grant- Gillian Lewis

Ben Cross- John Garrie

Landlord- Freddie Jones

Felicia Talbot- Caroline Blakiston

Carl Grant- Brown Derby

Policeman- Colin Rix

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The Baron Episode 21: The Seven Eyes of Night

The Seven Eyes of Night Title Shot

Mannering has been fooled by an impostor selling the Seven Eyes of Night and is out $300,000. The thieves are smart enough to fool John but may not be smart enough to keep out of trouble. The safe was opened without force and this is a clue to indicate that someone knew the combination, likely an old employee. The efforts of the detectives are turned when the Seven Eyes of Night are found exactly where they were suppose to be, in the safe. Nancy Cummings was a previous employee who knew the combination and is the only possible suspect. John is on the warpath to get his money back and his first stop is Nancy Cummings place in Paris. The cohesion of the thieves is wavering which is a huge liability so Mannering is putting stress on that relationship. Nancy is found dead in a possible suicide but the hunt would have to continue towards a close friend of hers. The sinister efforts may have been successful initially but Mannering is determined to find the thief and his money.

Personal Synopsis

I must say initially that this episode to me is all Jeremy Brett. I have loved his work as Sherlock Holmes in another TV series and so it is a wonderful thing to see him in this series as good or better an actor as anytime in the Sherlock Holmes series.  There is a fun line about 12 minutes in when the thieves are in their car and Jeremy Bretts character coughs then says “Why dont you try smoking tobacco sometime?”. Intended or unintended a fun twist to the dialogue. This is a great episode and a must watch of the series.


Original Air-date: 15 February 1967

Directed by Robert Asher

Written by Terry Nation

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Cordelia Winfield- Sue Lloyd

Jeff Walker- Jeremy Brett

Madame Devereaux- Patricia English

Nancy Cummings- Hilary Tindall

Verel- Christopher Benjamin

Inspector Lamille- Arnold Diamond

Carre- Michael Segal

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The Baron Episode 14: There’s Someone Close Behind You

There's Someone Close Behind You Title Shot

Its another dark and foggy london night when some plans to “knock off” the Lynsted collection are overheard. Mannering is told of these plans and takes steps to stop this pending robbery. After waiting for some time both Mannering and the Police believe that the tip off may have been found out so the crooks have changed their plans. As they are leaving their suspicions are aroused by a noise from the roof. It all goes wrong when the policeman is shot dead after recognising the thief. The suspect Greg Wilde is well connected and has substantial funds to keep everything hush hush but Mannering was not going to budge on his testimony.  Mannerings tipster is found dead, making this a much bigger case for the police and further putting The Barons life in danger.

Personal Synopsis

A wonderful story from this series. An antiques collection is to be stolen and the crook is a well known thug but with power. The hustle between Mannering and Greg Wilde is great drama but with the twist of revenge that plays out like a classic ITC storyline. It also has a few favourite actors of mine such as Mike Pratt, who is the lead actor in Randall and Hopkirk Deceased. One of the best episodes of the series.


Original Air-date: 17 March 1966

Directed by Roy Ward Baker

Written by John Creasey and Terry Nation

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Sheldon- Mike Pratt

Frank Oddy- Philip Madoc

Insp. Bob Weston- Raymond Adamson

Yeldham- Peter Forbes-Robertson

Wayne- Paul Harris

Marty Cranwell- Ken Parry

Alan Jordan- Michael Robbins

Stanley Merrick- Norman Scace

Det Insp. Thomson- Jerome Willis

Greg Wilde- Richard Wyler

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The Baron Episode 2: Epitaph for a Hero

The Baron_Epitaph for a Hero Title Shot

One of Mannering’s old army buddies has died, in fact Mannering has him to thank for saving his life. However a mysterious meeting proves the death of his friend was just a ploy to get Mannering to join a heist. Mannering is compelled by Templeton-Green to join as an undercover agent to sabotage the heist of 1 Million dollars worth of jewel. Things go a rye when Cordelia is caught and used as a hostage. Mannering is stuck between a rock and hard place and must go through with the heist.

Personal Synopsis

The faked burial was enough to get Mannering’s attention especially with the almost necessary respect for a man whom saved Mannering’s life.  The overhanging debt for his life was dangled in front of him to persuade Mannering to help in the heist. It would all seem to simple but Cordelia has changed the plan. This episode is a fun watch but lacks real interest as the show progresses.


Original Air-date: October 5, 1966

Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey

Written by Terry Nation

The Baron- Steve Forrest

David Marlow- Paul Ferris

Cordelia- Sue Lloyd

Templeton-Green- Colin Gordon

Helga Sorenson- Patricia Haines

Jim Carey- Paul Maxwell

Owen Davies- Artro Morris

Charlie- Nosher Powell

The Gaunt Man- William Lyon Brown

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Department S Episode 26: The Soup of the Day

A warehouse has been burgled and the only thing stolen was a carte of fish soup. Following up the reasons to why this would happen brings to light a few suspicious characters. And all the while Jasons publisher is pushing to get the next Mark Cain novel out on the market. When the stolen soup cans show up, the attention is focused on the crate and its owner. A mistake was made by the burglars, one that would expose the true reason for the soup heist.

Personal Synopsis

This is episode is at times hard to follow, but the premise is amusing. I have always been a fan of stories with an unassuming package carrying some smuggled good(s) this one in particular is a unique example of that. I come from watching the episode thinking that the writers were forced to cobble together another episode with some very cliche’ events. This episode being towards the end of the series does point to the lackluster efforts made by the production crew, after a grueling schedule of churning out episode after episode of “quality” spy-fi television. There are some familiar faces which was enough to keep my interest.


Liverpool, England


Original Air-Date: March 4, 1970

Directed by Leslie Norman

Written by Leslie Darbon

Jason King- Peter Wyngarde

Stewart Sullivan- Joel Fabiani

Annabelle Hurst- Rosemary Nicols

Curtis Seretse- Dennis Alaba Peters

Rupert Fallon- Michael Coles

Gregory- Anthony Valentine

Jeremy Standish- Ronald Lacey

Villiers- John Ronane

Greene- Patrick Mower

Maria- Isobel Black

Segres- Peter Arne

Ramos- David Healy

Lavinia- Ann Holloway

Trish- Pippa Steel

Melissa- Pamela Ann Davy

Dominic- Sandor Eles

Albert- Patrick Durkin

Police Inspector- Robert Cawdron

Finlay- Ellis Dale

Driver- David Morrell

Rogers- Michael Guest

The Waiter- Cecil Cheng

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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