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The Sentimental Agent Episode 9: A Very Desirable Plot

The prospects of a sunny beautiful home in the Caribbean isn’t far from most peoples dream home. However when those homes sink deep into the muck troubles arise with the dirty deal land owner. Carlos devices a plan to get back at the greedy developer who sold these plots.

Personal Synopsis

Sunny dreams of a home that become a nightmare as soon as it is time to build those dreams. This episode exposes the grubby land owner who would sell land not fit to hold up the houses Mercury International sold to clients. Diana Rigg, whom you might know as Emma Peel in “The Avengers”, in one of her first times on TV plays the daughter of an angry client and seeks justice.

Original Air-Date: November 23th 1963

Directed by Harry Booth

Written by Brian Clemens

Carlos Varela- Carlos Thompson

Chin- Burt Kwouk

Miss Carter- Clemence Bettany

Colonel Wilde- William Mervyn

Robert Lamont- Paul Maxwell

Francy Wilde- Diana Rigg

Alfie Prentice- David Healy

Betty- Dorothea Phillips

Vincent- Al Mulock

Woman in Plane- Jessie Robins

Hotel Clerk- Donald Sutherland

Stewardess- Jacquie Wallis



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The Protectors Season 2 Episode 2: Bagman

The Protectors_Bagman Title Shot

The daughter of a wealthy socialite is kidnapped and held for ransom.  Madame Anderson fears for her daughters life but must not attract the polices attention, so she contacts The Protectors.  The ransom note leads the team on a chase throughout Copenhagen.  Harry poses a threat to the kidnapper so the instructions given require that only the Contessa can deliver the ransom money. Harry must find where the young kidnapped lady is before the the kidnappers loses his patience and kills her. Information from a local fisherman leads Harry and Paul to an old fort and a standoff.

Personal Synopsis

A simple episode of kidnapping and ransom. The story could have easily been expanded into a fuller and more dramatic affair. Copenhagen looks great in 1973 which is one of the highlights of this episode. All in all an easy going kidnapping that left me wanting more.




Original Air-Date: 28 September 1973

Directed by John Hough

Written by Terry Nation

Harry Rule- Robert Vaughn

Contessa Caroline di Contini- Nyree Dawn Porter

Paul Buchet- Tony Anholt

Christian- Stephan Chase

Madame Anderson- Patricia Haines

Eva Anderson- Lalla Ward

Hansen- Oliver Ford Davies

Davidson- Paul Dawkins

Beck- Karl Gustav Ahlefeldt

Waiter- Gert Thynov

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The Baron Episode 16: The Island

The Baron The Island Title Shot

John and Cordelia are put under armed guard awaiting the captains orders. The only alternative for the captain is to kill John and Cordelia since the captain exposed the plans to take down a space shuttle. The SOS radio call that John made was overheard and the Macao authorities mentioned that Mannering got on the freight ship so the US authorities are now interested to see why the mystery. Mannering sees that his time may be nearly up and decides to try to make a break and the ships destination seems like the best option for escape. But first they have to elude the captors. On the island, the crew of the freight get to their intended purpose all while still sending out search parties for John and Cordelia. Mannering needs to find a way to thwart the plans of the captain and saves the lives of the astronauts in the space capsule. How will they be able to do it?

Personal Synopsis

The second episode in the two part series has all the elements of a great mystery. Its easy to see why ITC edited these episodes together for Baron movie. It great to see a show with ships, a rogue captain, the US space program and a hunt on a remote island. Brilliant!


Original Air-date: January 11, 1967

Directed by Gordon Flemyng

Written by Terry Nation

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Cordelia- Sue Lloyd

Bran Carlton- Dudley Sutton

Captain Brenner- Reginald Marsh

Calvin Baggio- Derek Newark

David Laver- David Healy

Inspector Ralph Nelson- Michael Hawkins

Willis- Warren Stanhope

Coleman- Roland Brand

Peters- Terence Mountain

Paul Millet- Jeffrey Wickham

Lt. Lang- William Buck

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