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The Sentimental Agent Episode 1: All That Jazz

The Sentimental Agent_All That Jazz Title Card

A jazz group the Arthur Rogers Modern Jazz Quintet are having their London debut. They are frustrated that the compositions they play are organised already for them for their shows. The mysterious band manager provides the compositions and often with very little time beforehand. Carlos Varela stumbles across the hidden reason for these songs being curated for the band, it may have something to do with the important people attending the concerts.

Personal Synopsis

Off the banks of the Thames near the Wharf Pier lies Mercury International where Carlos Varela begins his story in this series. Carlos’s intelligence and charm plays to his spy-like coolness and bachelor style all make this character a great cover for whatever he is up to. This first episode sets the scene for a series of mysterious and chivalrous action.

Original Air-Date: September 28th 1963

Directed by Charles Frend

Written by Julian Bond

Carlos Varela- Carlos Thompson

Chin- Burt Kwouk

Miss Carter- Clemence Bettany

Major Nelson- Anthony Bushell

Stirink- Peter Arne

Sarah- Anneke Wills

Tania- Dora Reisser

Bill- Riggs O’Hara

Art- Jeremy Bulloch

Mooney- Hugh Futcher

Leavis- Stewart Guidotti

Wilson- James Luck

Piano Tuner- Tony Quinn

Inspector Shaunnesy- David Blake Kelly

Special Branch Man- Brian Cant

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The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 2 Episode 8: Isabella

A cryptic message is delivered to Robin Hood, telling him to head to the Tower of London and potentially mortal danger. The Queen has summoned Robin to step in front of a pending marriage between Prince John and the french princess Isabella. Prince John is seeking to secure even more power and with this marriage would remove King Arthur from the throne. As Robin interferes, it is quickly realized that Isabella is not helpful nor ignorant to the happenings of the court.

Personal Synopsis

A power grab by marriage is par for course throughout history and this episode show the length Prince John would take to getting full control. His plans if panned out right would solidify his realm but he has not taken into account his choice in Isabella as his wife. This episode has the fantastic Donald Pleasance as Prince John and a rare visit to London for our protagonist.

Original Air-Date: November 19th 1956

Directed by Lindsay Anderson

Written by Neil R. Collins

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Little John- Archie Duncan

Maid Marian- Bernadette O’Farrell

Isabella- Zena Walker

Princess Avice- Helen Cherry

Prince John- Donald Pleasence

Pembroke- Alan Edwards

Sir Damon- Martin Lane

Landlord- Howard Lang

Page- Shaun O’Riordan

Tavern Keeper- Peter Bennett

Old Woman- Noel Hood

Chambermaid- Lynette Mills

Will- Brandon Brady

Maid-in-waiting- Isobel Greig

Jailer- Victor Woolf

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The Adventurer Season 1 Episode 8: Nearly the End of the Picture

Taken for a ride with Clarissa De Vere Allen, Gene is blindfolded and brought to see one of his own Rembrandt paintings. He is being blackmailed in order to keep this painting from being destroyed by the blackmailers. Bradley doesn’t want to just cower down to thieves and so he will need to devise a plan to get the painting back and give them a much needed lesson. He begins to investigate who took him for a ride, finding a trail of deceit and the real Clarissa De Vere Allen. Once confronted, the thieves knew the game was up and try to destroy this magnificent painting.

Personal Synopsis

A relatively simple episode of blackmail and ransom, since Bradley is a purveyor of the arts this would strike a cord for action. A Rembrandt of any kind should be preserved so when faced with a prospect of its destruction the only logical option is to stop them. I still have trouble finding many good aspects to this episode every scene seems like a poor second to previously well acted scenes in other series. With all of it faults, I can still watch this show and enjoy it for its silliness.

Original Air-Date: 1972

Directed by Cyril Frankel

Written by Philip Broadley

Gene Bradley- Gene Barry

Mr. Parminter- Barry Morse

Martin- David Buck

Alex- Milton Johns

Alden- Mark Jones

Clarissa De Vere Allan- Fiona Lewis

Brandon- Dennis Price

Dorinda- Angela Scoular

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The Baron Episode 14: There’s Someone Close Behind You

There's Someone Close Behind You Title Shot

Its another dark and foggy london night when some plans to “knock off” the Lynsted collection are overheard. Mannering is told of these plans and takes steps to stop this pending robbery. After waiting for some time both Mannering and the Police believe that the tip off may have been found out so the crooks have changed their plans. As they are leaving their suspicions are aroused by a noise from the roof. It all goes wrong when the policeman is shot dead after recognising the thief. The suspect Greg Wilde is well connected and has substantial funds to keep everything hush hush but Mannering was not going to budge on his testimony.  Mannerings tipster is found dead, making this a much bigger case for the police and further putting The Barons life in danger.

Personal Synopsis

A wonderful story from this series. An antiques collection is to be stolen and the crook is a well known thug but with power. The hustle between Mannering and Greg Wilde is great drama but with the twist of revenge that plays out like a classic ITC storyline. It also has a few favourite actors of mine such as Mike Pratt, who is the lead actor in Randall and Hopkirk Deceased. One of the best episodes of the series.


Original Air-date: 17 March 1966

Directed by Roy Ward Baker

Written by John Creasey and Terry Nation

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Sheldon- Mike Pratt

Frank Oddy- Philip Madoc

Insp. Bob Weston- Raymond Adamson

Yeldham- Peter Forbes-Robertson

Wayne- Paul Harris

Marty Cranwell- Ken Parry

Alan Jordan- Michael Robbins

Stanley Merrick- Norman Scace

Det Insp. Thomson- Jerome Willis

Greg Wilde- Richard Wyler

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