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The Zoo Gang Season 1 Episode 3: African Misfire

An art collection of an exiled African General is stolen which was to be used for a charity auction. The Zoo Gang have connections that could help the General find the thieves.  Narrowing down their search, the gang finds a twist to these robberies that spark their curiosity. The General still needs the auction to take place to help his countrymen by in Africa. It becomes clear that the auction was not the priority and that the money would be used for other unknown reasons.

Personal Synopsis

In this episode, is the adventure of an art heist with a pool dipping African general. The story is thinly veiled but fun to watch. Kieron Moore , an ITC regular, adds to the already amazing cast. There is a play on stereotypes with the gun smuggling african general but I believe the characters, particularly the General’s, are strong and demand respect. A great episode.


Original Air-Date:  19 April 1974

Directed by Sidney Hayers

Written by Peter Yeldham

Thomas ‘The Elephant’ Devon- John Mills

Stephen ‘The Fox’ Halliday- Brian Keith

Manouche ‘The Leopard’ Roget- Lilli Palmer

Alec ‘The Tiger” Marlowe- Barry Morse

Lt. Georges Roget- Michael Petrovitch

Jill Burton- Seretta Wilson

Jombote- Earl Cameron

Major- Edward Cast

General Naganda- Nathan Dambuza

Jacques Picard- Kieron Moore

Ferrand- Leonard Trolley

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The Protectors Season 2 Episode 1: Quin

The Protectors_Quin Title Shot

Laura Sutton has asked the Protectors to help her find her brother who was recruited by an international mercenary boss named Quin. Harry is in Spain to talk to Quin but will first have to find him.  Once found, Harry will have to face the difficult challenge of losing his cover over saving a friend.

Personal Synopsis

Exotic location, great actor (Peter Vaughan) and an international mercenary ring what more could one want. The start to season 2 is very welcomed with the promise of some redeeming writing from season 1. This episode is fun enough to enjoy but I still cant help to believe it could be so much more.




Original Air-Date: 21 September 1973

Directed by Don Leaver

Written by Trevor Preston

Harry Rule- Robert Vaughn

Contessa Caroline di Contini- Nyree Dawn Porter

Paul Buchet- Tony Anholt

Quin- Peter Vaughan

Allen- Brian Glover

Paco- Henry Woolf

Garcia- Anthony Langdon

Maxwell- Tristan Rogers

Waiter- Jesus Suzman

Taxi Driver- Luis Barboo

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