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The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1 Episode 26: The Miser

Sir William de Courcier is angered by the Sheriff taxes but has a plan to make his peasants on his land to pay them. When Robin interferes with this plan Sir William feels the wrath of the Sheriff. The villagers were forced to pay the taxes and they were able to but only by the work of a magic man. Sir William finds out that the villagers had their buttons on their clothes changed into silver by this magic man and he seeks to do the same. The Miser’s greed gets the best of him while he tries to use his buttons for silver and fails.

Personal Synopsis

I must say that I’m biased about this episode, but for good reason. As a child, this episode was the first Adventures of Robin Hood show I had ever watched. This episode was so intriguing to me especially the performance of Laurence Naismith as the Miser. This show is identifiable by its acting and interesting storyline. The miser learns his lesson that greed will not save him from the Sheriff and that is a good lesson to learn no matter what era you live in.

Original Air-Date:  March 19 1956

Directed by Bernard Knowles

Written by Ralph Smart

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Sheriff of Nottingham- Alan Wheatley

Little John- Archie Duncan

Friar Tuck- Alexander Gauge

Will Scarlett- Paul Eddington

Sir William de Courcier- Laurence Naismith

Lady de Courcier- Patricia Marmont

Seneschal- Charles Stapley

Lt. Howard- Paul Connell

Hodge- Willoughby Gray

Arthur- John Dearth

Skinner- Arthur Skinner

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The Adventurer Season 1 Episode 2: Poor Little Rich Girl

A young free spirited woman named Suzy Dolman is going to give her complete inheritance to a communist country. This poses an extreme threat to democratic countries around the world. Gene is sent off to persuade this young lady to rethink this decision and the agents of the communist country are also there to persuade her for their own ends. Gene is hijacked by Suzy along the road but Gene ends up with the last word. Suzy’s insistence to give up her money on principle, forces Gene to intervene on the worlds behalf. Now that the tables have turned it is a run against the clock to stop the business from being turned over.

Personal Synopsis

Suzy Dolman is a young woman who is disillusioned with society’s greed and evilness because of  money’s power. She is willing to do the worst and give that money and power to those whom would only make the world worse. This episode shows a compelling situation that required The Adventurer to expose the true intentions of the men that would take Suzy’s business and use it for evil. The episode is fun to watch if not for the scenes of southern France but also to watch another great actor John Savident playing the consul.

Original Air-Date: 1972

Directed by Cyril Frankel

Written by Donald James

Gene Bradley- Gene Barry

Zavar- Maurice Browning

Vince- Stuart Damon

Suzy Dolman- Judy Geeson

Marco- Sean Hewitt

Driver- Aharon Ipalé

Mr. Parminter- Barry Morse

Consul- John Savident

Diane Marsh- Catherine Schell

Cafe proprietor- John Serret

Charolais- Nick Zaran

Kanarek- Marc Zuber

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The Zoo Gang Season 1 Episode 5: The Counterfeit Trap

A shipment being pick up along side the beach ends in a murder and the Zoo Gang have a large suitcase of cash. This could only end in tears as a counterfeit money gang tighten their grip.  Manouche finds a suspicious bill at Judge Gautier’s house but this doesn’t mean the case is getting warm.

Personal Synopsis

The Counterfeit Trap displays more reasons for why acting can change a story. Albeit the storyline is complex and timely develops into a drama filled episode. There are some great moving shots, for instance as Brian Keith is taken down into a boat and the camera sweeps through the hull. I enjoyed this episode for its locations and great story.


Original Air-Date:  3 May 1974

Directed by John Hough

Written by John Kruse

Thomas ‘The Elephant’ Devon- John Mills

Stephen ‘The Fox’ Halliday- Brian Keith

Manouche ‘The Leopard’ Roget- Lilli Palmer

Alec ‘The Tiger” Marlowe- Barry Morse

Lt Georges Roget- Michael Petrovitch

Jill Burton- Seretta Wilson

Raoul- Stephan Chase

Carlo- Mark Colleano

Judge Gautier- Peter Cushing

Nico- Chris Dillinger

Pierre- Leon Lissek

Paul Sabot- Philip Madoc

Brigitte Gautier- Jacqueline Pearce

Challon- Anthony Stamboulieh

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The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1 Episode 2: The Moneylender

Robin is a part of the Outlaws now and joins in on the highway robberies they do in Sherwood Forest. Though he disagrees with how the stolen goods gets used he is an active part of the mugging. A moneylender is robbed by Robin and a fellow outlaw, the stolen goods were then given back to some of the villagers who were taken advantage of. The Outlaws plan on stealing a wine shipment being sent to the Sheriff of Nottingham but Robin suspects that something is not right. The trustworthiness of the Outlaws will be tested when they are unknowingly sent into a trap.

Personal Synopsis

The Moneylender starts the episodic style of this series but there are continuities that give the viewer a perception of time lapsing in the entire series’s story. This episode shows the reasons for conviction that Robin Hood has when he gives back to those whom are hurt by the Sheriff and his men. It also offers a young and inexperienced Leo McKern a fun role as the Moneylender. An easy fun episode that sets the moral ground for which Robin will continue to help Nottingham and its people.

Original Air-Date:  3 October 1955

Directed by Ralph Smart

Written by Eric HeathIan Lartain

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Sheriff of Nottingham- Alan Wheatley

Friar Tuck- Alexander Gauge

Will Scarlett- Paul Eddington

Edgar- Alfie Bass

Herbert of Doncaster- Leo McKern

Hawkins- Kenneth Edwards

Howard Fitzwilliam/Outlaw- John Drake

Nailer- Willoughby Gray

John, Old Man Driver/ Outlaw- Gabriel Toyne

Outlaw- David Edwards

Outlaw- Peter Macarte

Will Scatlock- Bruce Seton

Hugh of the Wood- Victor Woolf

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The Protectors Season 1 Episode 7: The Quick Brown Fox

The Quick Brown Fox Title Shot

Contessa visits a playboy while Harry sneaks in as well. The playboy has a past that haunts europe but there are questions about how Keller became so wealthy. There is a large amount of money is missing from the German government and the only suspects are ex-nazis and Keller is one of them. When the codes for the hidden money didn’t work the nazis begin to come out of the woodwork. Keller has been continuing his nazi activities even after his prison sentence and the west german government will do anything to stop him.

Personal Synopsis

This episode is an example of likely a couple of real life cases throughout Europe in the 50’s and 60’s. Loot was taken as Germany invaded areas of Europe and some soldiers found profits after the war because of this activity. Morris Perry plays a convincing ex-Nazi who has stolen money and after a prison sentence has collected the hidden money. I liked a few elements in this story such as the high pitch recording to distract the dogs while Harry was being chased and the horribly edited photo with Morris Perry’s character behind Adolf Hitler. A good episode to watch.


Original Air-Date: 10 November 1972

Directed by Don Chaffey

Written by Donald James

Harry Rule- Robert Vaughn

Contessa Caroline di Contini- Nyree Dawn Porter

Paul Buchet- Tony Anholt

Chino- Anthony Chinn

Hans Keller- Morris Perry

Osuna- Mark Malicz

Helga Gratz- Anna Matisse

Monica- Angela Grant

Banker- Christopher Benjamin

Spanish Official- Kenneth Hendel

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