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The Protectors Season 1 Episode 19: Talkdown

August 12, 2013


Foster was threatening Harry with a long jail term for killing him and another man named Farr, in some sort of blackmail scheme. The police are hounding Harry because the evidence points to his guilt but he knows he is being framed. Further evidence found through Harry’s house and clothes paint him as a criminal. […]

The Protectors Season 1 Episode 17: The Big Hit

July 29, 2013


When both the Contessa and Paul had each separate attempts on their lives and Harry nowhere to be found, the seriousness of these events becomes evident.  Luckily they have a hostage who may speak up about the assassination attempts but may need some incentive. Harry is holed up and could soon be convinced under duress to give up […]

The Protectors Season 1 Episode 10: A Kind of Wild Justice

June 10, 2013


Harry is called mysteriously during a party. Contessa joins him as he investigates the call, once he meets his contact, a lady,  and is shot in the chest. He survives but in the hospital another attempt is made upon his life. Not one to stay lying in a hospital bed, Harry investigates himself. The trail […]

The Protectors Season 1 Episode 8: King Con

May 27, 2013


A 12th century Icon has been sold in auction to the Contessa. She has purchased it for a friend whom she knew had had it seductively bribed away from. Contessa gives the icon to her friend and then enacts a plan to get back at the conman that took it from her. Harry and Paul […]

Strange Report Episode 8: Report 2475 Revenge: When a Man Hates

February 4, 2013


Outside of prison awaits the loving wife of a convicted criminal with dreams of starting a new life together.  This is only a dream since the thought of revenge is the main focal point of her husband. Strange is made aware of a burglary at a gunsmith with a connection to Strange himself. The authorities […]