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The Protectors Season 2 Episode 24: Wheels

The Protectors_Wheels Title Shot

An elaborate scheme is being prepared. The Protectors have entered into a race to help their investigation. A Swiss bank is asking the Protectors to help find some missing papers but the copies not the originals. The task requires some papers to be taken, photo’d and given back before anyone knows about it. The race is on to complete the job and is their car fast enough.

Personal Synopsis

A somewhat complicated episode to follow. The protectors are working for a Swiss Bank in order to retrieve some documents. The race car scenario is played well, allowing a skillfully arranged swap to take place. This episode is decent and worth your eyes.


Original Air-Date: 1 March 1974

Directed by David Tomblin

Written by Tony Barwick

Harry Rule- Robert Vaughn

Contessa Caroline di Contini- Nyree Dawn Porter

Paul Buchet- Tony Anholt

Manning- Dinsdale Landen

Sneider- George Pravda

Anton- Robert Coleby

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Department S Episode 14: The Man from X

Department S_The Man From X Title Shot

Out on one of the kissy filled “in my car” dates and a man appears in a spacesuit, walking towards you but he’s struggling to reach you all but to collapse and die out on the street. This is a mystery that luckily Department S are called out to investigate and certainly a mystery to bring all the sorts of elimination in their detecting. Why is this dead man in a spacesuit? It becomes an intriguing quest to find out how and why a spaceman has died on the streets of London.

Personal Synopsis

A fantastic story to keep the spy-fi enthusiast happy a few days. I really enjoy the originality of this story and much praise can be handed to the writer Tony Williamson for his step into the suitable style of a spy-fi tv show but giving the audience an ingenius story. Jason King is quite flamboyant but its strange how he can pull off being cool. This episode is quite entertaining for me and is certainly a good watch.


London, England


Original Air-Date: November 5, 1969

Directed by Gilbert Taylor

Written by Tony Williamson

Jason King- Peter Wyngarde

Stewart Sullivan- Joel Fabiani

Annabelle Hurst- Rosemary Nicols

Curtis Seretse- Dennis Alaba Peters

Carter- John Nettleton

Leila-Wanda Ventham

Lowery- Duncan Lamont

Mallin-Tony Selby

Fraser- Stanley Lebor

Max Rinston- Norman Chancer

Travers- Brian Badcoe

Danvers- Godfrey James

Young Girl in Car- Sally-Jane Spencer

Young Boy in Car- Robin John

Girl in Discotheque- Carol Rachelle

Young Man in Discotheque- Robert Hamilton

Receptionist- Rosemary Donnelly

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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