The Sentimental Agent : Conclusion

As a 1963 spin-off of another ITC show called Man of the World, The Sentimental Agent continued the on-screen character of Carlos Verela. The Man of the World¬† series had an episode aptly named The Sentimental Agent which featured Carlos Thompson. His notable appearance started the ball rolling towards having a dedicated weekly series solelyContinue reading “The Sentimental Agent : Conclusion”

The Sentimental Agent Episode 13: A Box of Tricks

The region of Palabria rejects a no strings attached ¬£ 11 million gift from the Dollar for Europe trust.  But why? Now with only 3 days before the trust opportunity expires Bill Randall must head to Palabria to find out what happened to such an easy deal.  The Dollars for Europe Trust would be anContinue reading “The Sentimental Agent Episode 13: A Box of Tricks”

The Sentimental Agent Episode 12: Not Quite Fully Covered

Bill Randall is convinced by the daughter of a dead art collector to insure the exporting of a hoard of priceless antiques. The appeal made was to protect the goods from a greedy government looking to take hold of these treasures. This risky business takes on more risk when the shipment goes missing and soContinue reading “The Sentimental Agent Episode 12: Not Quite Fully Covered”

The Sentimental Agent Episode 11: The Scroll of Islam

A professor Fletcher and his assistant seeks out Carlos Varela to facilitate some pictures of an ancient Islamic scroll. Carlos’s association with Prince Mahmoud allows him relatively easy access to the scroll and offers to find a way to help them. Through the desert heat, treachery becomes more appealing and Carlos’s reputation is stuck inContinue reading “The Sentimental Agent Episode 11: The Scroll of Islam”

The Sentimental Agent Episode 10: Finishing School

Found hands behind her back and gagged, a young lady fearfully tells of the kidnapping of the daughter of a rich texan oil baron. The highly esteemed finishing school’s matron is given the ransom note but instead of talking to the police decides to call a trusted friend, Carlos. Bill Randall is in Carlos’s placeContinue reading “The Sentimental Agent Episode 10: Finishing School”