Man of the World Season 1 Episode 2: Masquerade in Spain

An interesting assignment for Michael Strait photographing the reclusive daughter of one of the richest men in the world.  The mere act of publishing the photos of the daughter would risk her life as she tries to maintain a life outside of her fathers Spanish villa. Michael Strait is all too willing to help butContinue reading “Man of the World Season 1 Episode 2: Masquerade in Spain”

The Protectors Season 2 Episode 16: The Bridge

A budding revolutionary kidnaps a young lady from a wealthy family.  His demands are high and his ideals are against the establishment. The Contessa calls in Harry to facilitate his demands and try to calm the situation. When the revolutionary’s plans involve taking out a member of the establishment the plan is brought into aContinue reading “The Protectors Season 2 Episode 16: The Bridge”

The Protectors Season 2 Episode 1: Quin

Laura Sutton has asked the Protectors to help her find her brother who was recruited by an international mercenary boss named Quin. Harry is in Spain to talk to Quin but will first have to find him.  Once found, Harry will have to face the difficult challenge of losing his cover over saving a friend.Continue reading “The Protectors Season 2 Episode 1: Quin”

The Baron Episode 17: Time to Kill

Mannering and Cordelia are in Spain for an antique purchase in Madrid. The Vitale family have a Emerald Cameo Brooch with a sinister legend behind it that whomever owns the brooch will have misfortune. Cristina Vitale is scared of this legend and arranges to sell the brooch to a sick Cordelia but is killed whenContinue reading “The Baron Episode 17: Time to Kill”

Department S Episode 9: Who Plays the Dummy

Just outside of Madrid, a runaway car is chased down, by Police. When the police arrive to the car, it is empty of any traces of humankind. Department S is called to assess this strange phenomenon. Stuart is baffled and Jason admires the tailored clothes on the occupant, but the fact remains the car was controlledContinue reading “Department S Episode 9: Who Plays the Dummy”