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Strange Report Episode 10: Report 8944: Hand – A Matter of Witchcraft

Hand Title Shot

Strange is called in for a “strange” murder. A young girl is found dead with a symbol written on the wall above her body. The story calls for recognition of witches and rituals that can cost lives. Research is causing Strange to worry that this death will not be the last, in fact two others are required for the ritual. Strange asks Evelyn to join the company that the dead woman was working with at the time of her death. After another death, a known witch aficionado, it became clear that the suspicions were going in the right direction. An incident that happened 30 years before is very similar to the current case and there is a suspicious connection with someone at the art studio where Evelyn works now. Evelyn is in trouble so there is no time to lose.

Personal Synopsis

An episode of murder, ritual and witchery. It is interesting to note that witches being used as the villains will always reduce the story’s credibility but it is fun to imagine the complex nature of the supernatural.  I wasn’t as fond of this episode as I hoped but the story was strong did draw my interest. The acting from the supporting cast was above par and I was surprised by the cinematography display the spooky effects during the story.


Original Air-Date: 30 November 1969

Directed by Peter Duffell

Written by Edward DeBlasio

Adam Strange- Anthony Quayle

Hamlyn Gynt- Kaz Garas

Evelyn McLean- Anneke Wills

Miss Dalton- Renée Asherson

Inspector Graves- Keith Barron

Edna Nightingale- Rosalind Atkinson

Joanna- Cecilia Darby

Mrs. Brearley- Helen Lindsay

Brinkley- Alfred Bell

Professor Marks- Charles Lloyd Pack

Dean- Carleton Hobbs

Labratory Assistant- Richard Coe

Police Sergeant- Peter Welch

Russian Woman- Malya Woolf

Birthday Girl Victim- Maxine Casson

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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Department S Episode 12: Les Fleurs du Mal

A man receives a package with three flowers in it and with a cryptic note inside. 5 Million dollars has been stolen and one of the suspects, Johnnie, has been found dead. Someone obviously believed Johnnie knew where the money was. Department S is sent to Paris to investigate the crimes. As the dead bodies pile up the trail becomes more convoluted. Stewart looses his composure and finds himself at the mercy of Jason and Annabelle to decrypt the message, and they haven’t a clue. The secret of the missing 5 million dollars may have died with Johnnie but maybe death is the answer.

Personal Synopsis

Theres something about the title in French which makes one think that this will be a  story of sordid porportions. Its is not, however it is one of the strongest shows in this series. The chase for the 5 million dollars is the ultimate storyline but the writers allow for imagination when shuffling through all the “bad guys”. In fact, the crooks in this story are actually a collection of different group but of course one overcomes another. I enjoyed this episode for its acting , there are a few familiar faces and they supplied a very believable crime story. On a side note Edina Ronay is a very interesting beauty.


Rome, Italy


Original Air-Date: October 22, 1969

Directed by Cyril Frankel

Written by Philip Broadley

Jason King- Peter Wyngarde

Stewart Sullivan- Joel Fabiani

Annabelle Hurst- Rosemary Nicols

Curtis Seretse- Dennis Alaba Peters

Stacey- Donal Donnelly

Weber- Michael Gothard

Enzo Brandini- Alex Scott

Henri Rachou- John Tate

Danielle- Edina Ronay

Gina- Joanna Jones

Johnnie- John Porter-Davison

Boy- Ricardo Campos

Commandante- Dennis Bernard

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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