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The Adventurer Season 1 Episode 24: Icons Are Forever

A friend of Bradley’s is buried to rest, after following a trail to an Italian castle in regards to a stolen antiquity. Gene is compelled to take up this case. The castle is harbouring a Russian icon and some other activity that peaks Bradley’s interest. The amount of security seems overblown for a castle just simply protecting the valuable Russian icon, there must be other reasons.

Personal Synopsis

Russian icons are indeed valuable and do have a history of thefts and forgery crimes associated with them. Icons have shown up often in ITC shows like The Baron and Department S likely because of its notoriety in society and come on, its Russian. Bradley is out trumped by some cool criminal characters in Icons are Forever, and I enjoyed watching it.

Original Air-Date: 1973

Directed by Cyril Frankel

Written by Tony Williamson

Gene Bradley- Gene Barry

Mr. Parminter- Barry Morse

Contessa Maria- Stephanie Beacham

Miguel- Marc Boyle

Carlo- Alan Lake

Darron- Alfred Marks

Security Man- Richardson Morgan

Holvera- Noel Willman

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The Adventurer Season 1 Episode 19: Mr Calloway Is a Very Cautious Man

Mr Parminter gets an anonymous phone call telling him to be at the wharf and check a package labelled from Gene Bradley. What he discovers calls in to question everything he knew about Bradley. Bradley is more clever than to get caught, so instead he deliberately offers himself to be arrested in order to learn the truth about a Mr. Calloway but he could be risking a fat jail sentence if he fails. He better expose the ring of criminals before the heavy handed justice system takes him down.

Personal Synopsis

Weapons dealers are easy antagonists to add to the series. This Barry Morse directed episode has an air of charm, even with its dark shady shadowy figures hustling guns to countries ripe with revolution.  We follow this twist in the story as Bradley goes undercover to uncover the elusive Mr. Calloway and his criminal deeds. Actually a great episode to watch and one of three episodes directed by Mr. Parminter himself Barry Morse.

Original Air-Date: 1973

Directed by Barry Morse

Written by Donald James

Gene Bradley- Gene Barry

Mr. Parminter- Barry Morse

Stopford- Paul Daneman

Customs Officer- Robert Gillespie

Russell- David Hargreaves

Calloway- Freddie Jones

Insp. Tribe- Victor Lucas

Ingrid Shore- Toby Robins

Soames- Anthony Rowlands

Laura Darnley- Anne Sharp

Records Clerk- John Stuart

Secretary- Nancie Wait

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The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1 Episode 21: The Vandals

A rash of attacks have been occurring across the countryside but this time Hugh Redmond was attacked and killed. The Sheriff and his men find one of Robin Hood’s arrows in the body. He riles up the villagers against Robin and the Outlaws. Robin will need to show that he and his band are not responsible for such a horrible act and bring out those responsible. As the investigation proceeds, Robin finds a secret plan by these vandals but must expose the plan and them for all to see.

Personal Synopsis

A tale of a local man being killed and Robin Hood’s arrow is in the dead body. This trick was clever but was not made in jest but by a cunning thug or thugs. The Sheriff is now after Robin Hood and he has some of the villagers on his side appealing to their hearts after a young man is lost in death and by their hero. Robin’s challenge is to expose the real culprit all while keeping his own head.

Original Air-Date:  13 February 1956

Directed by Arthur Crabtree

Written by C.D. Phillips

Robin Hood- Richard Greene

Sheriff of Nottingham- Alan Wheatley

Derwent- Victor Woolf

Little John- Rufus Cruikshank

Friar Tuck- Alexander Gauge

Lady Irina- Ingeborg von Kusserow

Baron Henry Hubert/ Outlaw- John Dearth

Charles the Hunter- Charles Stapley

Andrew Limpus- Victor Woolf

Lady Jane Redman- Miriam McCormick

1st Citizen/ Outlaw- Gabriel Toyne

Outlaw- Willoughby Gray

Soldier/ Outlaw/ Citizen- Arthur Skinner

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The Adventurer Season 1 Episode 11: Skeleton in the Cupboard

There is missing money from the accounts of the building fund for the University. A Professor Ballard is suspect of the thefts but there is one problem, he’s dead, burned up in a car accident. His death would naturally close down the questions about the misappropriated funds but its doesn’t. The Professors grieving widow is the object of Gene’s attentions and rightfully so. Recently a known sketchy antiquities dealer has been hanging around the Professor so Gene follows this trail to a number of surprises that go back many years.

Personal Synopsis

Skeleton in the Cupboard is actually an interesting episode that clearly stands out amongst a large number of other episodes of this series. The elements are all right, a fake death (with exploding car), a grieving widow, skeletons, anthropology, a dodgy dealer and a host of good actors.  Basil Dignam, a personal favourite, plays the Professor that slowly goes mad thinking about his experiments in human migration. Roy Kinnear, Johnnie Wade and Lance Percival are certainly some great names to me and have done this episode proud. As I have mentioned before, Gene Barry has become a lethargic actor but in this case the story benefits from this subdued character. Fun to watch and I recommend.

Original Air-Date: 1972

Directed by Cyril Frankel

Written by Donald James

Gene Bradley- Gene Barry

Mr. Parminter- Barry Morse

Farmer- Edwin Brown

John Ballard- Basil Dignam

Marks- Roy Kinnear

Carl Gardner- Lance Percival

Karen Ballard- Sylvia Syms

Sir Richard McKenzie- Richard Vernon

Johnson- Johnnie Wade

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Strange Report Episode 4: Lonely Heart: Who Killed Dan Cupid

Lonelyhearts Title Shot

A man is killed after hosting a party, hit by a car supposedly. There are a few reason why the police suspect murder, such as the victim, Milner, leaving his keys at his house. The records about Milner adds to the suspicion about who this man was.  The victim was the head of a romance club that put compatible couple together and held parties to get them out and be social together. There is also some classified information about the victim that show the UK government naturalising Milner because of some chequered past during world war 2. The couples involved in the party draw Strange’s interest. Milner told one of his clients to have lunch with him before deciding to marry the lady Milner set him up with.  It appears that the client was setup because of his connection with the security system for a safe that holds hundreds of diamonds. Strange is on to the plan and must stop the robbery attempt.

Personal Synopsis

This episode was difficult to describe particularly because of the twists of areas of investigation. Manipulating a lover to help you for sinister reasons is certainly not a new storyline but this story added the aspect of couple matching to fray. I found the story spotty at times but it came through in the end. The great acting by Geraldine Moffat and John Bennett makes this episode much better to watch.


Original Air-Date: 12 October 1969

Directed by Peter Duffell

Written by Roger Parkes

Adam Strange- Anthony Quayle

Hamlyn Gynt- Kaz Garas

Evelyn McLean- Anneke Wills

Tessa O’Neill- Geraldine Moffat

Leonard Grey- Donald Douglas

Jack White- John Bennett

Chief Superintendent Cavanagh- Gerald Sim

Barbara Coles- Ruth Trouncer

Carter- Glyn Jones

Professor Marks- Charles Lloyd Pack

Steven Milner- Donald Scott

Baiteson- Ewan Roberts

Mark Harper- Jonathan Holt

Grantley- Jeffrey Gardiner

Jones- Dennis Chinnery

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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